plate for a plate

For every purchase of Shard's signature products a meal will be donated to a person in need. Donations are made quarterly to Maine Hunger Prevention Programs, like Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program and The Good Shepherd Food Bank and to Feeding America.

Our goal is to create great dinnerware that is perfect for dining tables all over the World, while making a social impact LOCALLY.  We recognize the importance of hunger prevention in the United States and this is our small way towards helping our communities by providing donations for meals that are nutritious and plentiful. 


We want this to be big! and need our customers to pass along the message of purchasing with a purpose to give back. 


Not only are you helping others with your gift or purchase from Shard~it does the soul good!  

Each item comes with information about our plate for a plate program. Plate for a Plate Logo


plate for a plate